Fiberglass filtration bag (combo bag) position and function

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Fiberglass filtration bag (combo bag) position and function

Position: the filtration mesh can be cut to any size as the customer required, put under the pouring cup /  on the surface of ingot casting lines  /  on  the  meet of  the   cross  runner  sprue and inner runner sprue, press by the collection box . Put the filtration mesh bag together with skim bob , the effect of  filtration will  much better . 



1. Effectively get rid of blister, oxide with dust and other useless impurity to enhance quality of aluminum product. In addition , it avoid other metal component infiltrating into the aluminum liquid , which will reduce the purity of aluminum  casting product, then get defect product 

2. Improve  mechanical quality  of  aluminum casting  product : improve  the hardness of  aluminum casting product with more average surface hard  and bending strength 

3. Improve  the mechanical manufacture capability and efficiency of processing of aluminum casting product 

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