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Special case

  • Casting Technology Support of Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy


    The company has a professional team with many years engaged in aluminum and aluminum casting production technology research, technical operation, has strong ability to develop and research new products , deeply analyzed of the imported casting system The technical services of the technical team of o Read More

  • Casting development training


    Training is one of the key cornerstones of successful foundry operations. Employees involved in using casting molten aluminum should be trained to understand the global application of the molten Aluminum operation guide and to learn how to safely and effectively use the equipment before starting th Read More

  • Product Quality Stability Program


    Chalco Henan Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. import from french Novels company’s casting production lines ,commissioning and normal production, develop out Ultra wide high Magnesium alloy ingot casting of 5083/5A06Inner Mongolia Huomei June aluminum ingot casting AG, import WAGSTFF casting production li Read More

  • Practical project of new project


    We designed and developed 4 style of Lardge size Hard alloy billet mould for Light Alloy Research Institute of Central South University . They are Φ850mm /Φ500mm/ Φ1060mm /Φ1250 and Φ1420mm . While Φ1385mm is the lardgest size of hard alloy billet mould in the world . Our lardgest size of hard a Read More

  • Research and Development of New product process plan


    Design of the casting manufacture lines for lab of materials school of the Beijing University of Science and Technology Develop and quantity production of the 2×××、7××× series of the hard alloy ingot casting for Henan Ming Tai Aluminum Incorporated CompanyHenan Jinyang Aluminum Company Limited, T Read More

  • Debugging the new equipment and new tools , determination of process


    Argumentation and preparation for production line of air material hard alloy of Shandong Qixing , stand for Novels company participate in commissioning and production of hard alloy products , successfully produced hard alloy flat ingots such as 7075, 2A12 and 7050 Read More

  • Special case


    Shaanxi Datong aluminum industry, located in Shanxi Province, Tongchuan District, established long-term relations of cooperation with XAC.At recently , we design and provide to Shanxi daqin aluminum industry 5 size of serious total 21 sets ingot casting moulds. Among them there are 3 size of seri Read More

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