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Special case

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Shanxi Datong aluminum industry, located in Shanxi Province, Tongchuan District,  established long-term relations of cooperation with XAC.

At recently , we design and provide to Shanxi daqin aluminum industry 5 size of  serious  total 21 sets ingot casting moulds. Among them there are 3 size of series total 7 sets ingot casting moulds are for 7××× series / 2××× series hard alloy .

 3 sets of  size: 400×1000-1350 adjust aluminum of  hard alloy Ingot casting mould ;  2 sets of size : 480×1100-1400 adjust Copper of hard alloy Ingot casting mould ;  2 sets of size :520×1400-1700 Copper of hard alloy Ingot casting mould ; All of these Ingot casting mould have put in production , output 762(Zn7.4%)/752(Zn6.0% Loading deck compound material) 7×××  hard alloy Ingot casting ect. Our company is the first one to use the  adjust mould product hard alloy ingot casting 


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